About 40kms of unspoiled coastline, pristine coastal dune forests, mangrove swamps and a village set in a declared conservancy committed to the preservation of its natural heritage afford visitors a network of trails and other activities where a wide range of creatures big and small wait to be discovered.

Staying at One on Hely affords guests a variety of activities to choose from including:


Excellent birding routesmountain biking, running, dune and forest walks

fishing expeditions as well as gym, golf and tennis available at the Mtunzini Country Club


One can even enjoy a ‘night on the town’ at our other local restaurants and pubs.

One on Hely’s location is also close enough to enjoy excursions to the surrounding game reserves,

 Fort Ngoye, Ngoye and Dlinza Forests,  The Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park

The butterfly dome, and other historical and cultural museums.





The Birding Life


Our gallery speaks for itself